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ANOVA, Linear regression and Logistic Regression - July 2018

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Short courses 12


3 days

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  • 10 - 12 July 2018
Course will run from 9am - 5pm all days. Registration will open at 8.45am on the first day.



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The course is designed for people with knowledge of basic statistics who want to learn more about regression and analysis of variance (ANOVA).

Workshop Description

This course covers techniques that can be used to analyse data with continuous and categorical variables. The course will begin with simple linear regression and then proceed with approaches that can be used with more than two variables such as multiple regression. ANOVA with interactions and blocking will also be covered. The course will end with techniques that address the analysis of binary or ordinal variables.

Although not essential, some basic familiarity with SPSS or similar statistical package would be beneficial. A brief introduction to SPSS can be emailed to you before the course by request.

The course will be held in a computer laboratory allowing participants to immediately apply the material covered through a series of practical examples.


  • Day 1: Simple linear regression, multiple regression, polynomial regression, regression model diagnostics, model selection.
  • Day 2: One way ANOVA, blocking, simple interactions, more complex interactions, analysis of covariance, ANOVA model diagnostics.
  • Day 3: Introduction to logistic regression, odds and risk ratios, multiple logistic regression, model building in logistic regression, assessing goodness of fit and model diagnostics, ordinal logistic regression.


  • $845 for all except UWA postgraduate research students (GST inclusive)
  • $198 for UWA postgraduate research students (GST inclusive).



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