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Please contact us for further fees advice.


The Centre for Applied Statistics' consulting fees are based on an hourly rate. The rate varies depending on whether you are a UWA student/staff or external client.

$290 + $29 GST
UWA (Internal transfers only)
$180 + $18 GST 

Collaboration policy

In instances where the work done by the consultant has made a substantial contribution to an article for publication, the consultant would usually expect co-authorship. In these cases, the work involved in analysing the data and preparing a report on the results will be charged at the usual rates, but assistance with writing and revising the manuscript for publication will be free from charges. In cases where the consultant is not to be a co-author, all services, including assistance with writing manuscripts, will be charged at the usual rates and acknowledgement of the consultant's contribution to the article is at the discretion of the author (and with permission of the consultant). Ideally, authorship issues should be made clear at the initial consultation.

Short courses

Our preferred method of payment for our short courses is by credit card. See the individual course pages for fee information.

UWA postgraduate students

UWA Graduate Research Students are eligible for subsidised course fees through support from the Graduate Research School.

UWA Staff and Students

If course fees are being paid from a project grant, please pay by

  • UWA business credit card or purchasing card, and reconcile the expense against your project grant, or
  • personal credit card and ask to be reimbursed from your project grant; or
  • ask your finance team to
    • transfer the fee (without GST!) from your BU/PG to BU 006700 (School of Physics, Mathematics & Computing) PG 63002012 (Statistical Courses), and
    • email a confirmation of the journal transaction to [email protected].

    Other participants

    If you are not UWA staff or student you must pay by credit card for your short course.


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