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Staff and students with access to UWA financial systems may be able to pay for courses or consulting using enrolment and payment by internal electronic funds transfer (IFT).

Enrolment with payment by IFT

What is a UWA internal transfer?
This is a transfer made between your UWA Faculty, School or Centre and the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics to pay for your short course. These transfers used to be called 'ET forms' or 'electronic T forms'.
What do I need for this type of payment?
You require the business unit number of your Faculty, School or Centre and a Peoplesoft user ID.
Where can I get this information?
This information can be obtained from your finance officer or the person with this responsibility in your Faculty, School or Centre.
What do these things look like?
An example would be business unit number: 00530 and Peoplesoft User ID: aharriso
What if I can't get this information?
Without this information you should return to our short course pages and proceed through the enrolment with credit card payment link.

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